In the spring of 2005 we took a long, hard took at the recreational fishing boat market in Hawai‘i. We learned that the contemporary needs of rod ‘n’ reel and spear anglers alike weren’t being met by the boats, new or used, available to them. There wasn’t any guesswork. We solicited input and fishermen talked to us. At length. In detail. Sometimes over a cold one.

As a result, we got out a clean sheet of paper and started new. Reworking existing designs wasn’t going to fly. People were hungry for practical innovation. They were tired of being slammed around and perpetually wet. They wanted something better.

Fresh starts can lead to amazingly creative conclusions.

Now you can schedule a ride in the smoothest, best-appointed and driest fishing boat ever built for Hawaiian waters.

We think the Makau 23 will hook you.